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About Us
Online product marketing has emerged as the most powerful source of selling your products. These days none of the company is left who has accepted the importance of Online marketing. Most of the companies generate a larger amount of revenue through advertising online through various social networking websites.


We, Ashneh Teleservices Pvt. Ltd., being one of the Leading VOIP service provider worldwide has come up with another revolution,, an intensive social networking site which is going to leave all the existing social networking platforms far behind in a very short span. As compared to other online advertising forums, Facepaybook is expected to prove itself as a phenomenon in social networking industry and advertisement world. Considering the current traffic it is expected to break all the records of earlier existing social networking sites.

Facepaybook offers business-friendly advertising packages for your business. Marketers can choose the target audience. facepaybook targets the right audience for your product. it allows users to choose their exposure to different groups, people or interest and thus gives us an idea about their inclination towards their interest and choice of advertisements.

Facepaybook contains almost every feature one can think of on a social network site. Since it is our initial stage we are offering the cheapest Advertising prices for our website and offering you the Golden Opportunity to shake hands with us. We would also place your advertisements free of cost for a period of time to let you get an idea about the potential the website.