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Category: Uncategorized Before you promote your UTS referral link, make sure you have joined the programs on our downline builder and updated that page with your own usernames/ID's, as your own UTS referrals will follow you into these programs. Affiliate Bonuses Affiliates can earn huge bonuses from members that they personally refer into our team using their personal team referral link above. Each personal referral that upgrades and purchases an Ultimate Team Success pro- membership in our team will earn their direct affiliate a whopping $20 commission. All of our affiliates, whether they are pro members or not can receive this bonus. Pro members also receive an additional $10 commission from each referral that their own personal referrals bring into our team that upgrade to pro. For instance, as per the diagram to the right this is just one possible scenario for a pro member who refers 1 new member that upgrades. There is no limit to how many referral bonuses our affiliates can earn. Plus members will also earn bonuses for each position that there referrals purchase in our Power Matrix during our launch time. Free members earn on direct referrals and pro members earn on 2 levels. Once you have earned $50, you can either purchase a pro membership if you are not yet a pro member or you can just withdraw it if you are. Minimum withdrawal amount is $10 so grab your link and get promoting. You will find banners, ads and resources to promote your link on below: Testimonials - Make sure you submit yours. The more testimonials = the more trust from new members = the more promotion = the more growth = the bigger the downlines = the more you earn. Very simple. Click Here to submit your testimonial today. **** MEMBERS CO-OP **** Let us promote for you! You can add your UTS username into our Members Co-op and benefit from our mass promotions, plus we even place new referrals that join us under no sponsor under our co-op members! Click Here for more information and to join!

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