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Age: 53
Sign: Leo

Country: Indonesia
Signup Date: December 23, 2013

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LippoLandClub Project Listing
Category: Blogging

Price list apartment Holland Village Cempaka Putih, Jakarta is sold with a starting price of IDR 17million/m2. For the 2nd Holland tower Two apartments for sale at the price of Prime IDR 18million/m2. Only IDR 15million, you will get the priorias pass and has advantages: 1. the VIP Invitation to a private lunch. 2. ease of method/car payments (Cash, Staged 24 months or KPA). 3. offering price. 4. the priorities for choosing apartments. 5. additional Discounts. 6. higher Capital gains, with profit directly. And IDR 15million you are fully refundable. So wait, soon take priority pass now too. LLC member ID 880765840066 R. AGUS PATRIANTO purchase form for writing.

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